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Grace Kunkel

Project Apis m. Honey Bee Research Resource Updates for Beekeepers

Date: 25 Aug.  2024

This talk will highlight several research projects funded through Project Apis m., and how what we have learned from varroa, nutrition, and pesticide projects apply to beekeepers. Grace will also share new beekeeping resources, created over the past year, that are free for beekeepers to access through Project Apis m. 

BIO: Grace helps with communications and data coordination for Project Apis m. Grace has worked with insects in some form or another over the last ten years. At the University of Maryland, she was introduced to bees through coursework and used those skills to help with ongoing research. Grace received her master’s degree studying honey bee toxicology and hive dynamics. Since then, she has supported several bee-related projects including the APHIS National Honey Bee Survey and the Bee Informed Partnership. More recently, she studied honey bee nutrition at Land O Lakes/Purina, and then back to toxicology conducting environmental risk assessments for honey bees. She lives in Pittsboro, North Carolina and is a new member of the Chatham County Beekeepers Association.

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