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Dr. Jim Tew

Plain Talk Beekeeping – Should I Requeen or Not?

The queens in our hives lead a different life than the queens heading a colony in the hollow of a tree. Though it may be difficult to realize, queens in our hives are not leading a life driven by their natural behavior. Beekeepers are constantly intervening in the lives (and deaths) of our colonies. The colony monarch – the queen – is one of the beekeepers’ paramount concerns. These insects have become expensive and replacing them is no longer whimsical. This presentation discusses when the queen is good enough to keep her job, and when she should be replaced. It is not always an easy call.

Topic: "The Circular Aspect of Honey Bee Biology"

Bio: Dr. James E. Tew is an Emeritus Faculty member at the Ohio State University, and he is also retired from The Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

•Has kept bees for 49.5 years.

•Taught bee classes and conducted bee research

•Writes monthly articles for bee publications

•Written several books

•Wrote a chapter in The Hive and Honey Bee and is a Co-Editor of the current ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture.

•Has a YouTube beekeeping channel and is a podcaster at Honey Bee Obscura

•Has kept personal bees for his entire career

Books: To order Dr. Tew's books, you can find them on Amazon or  email Dr. Tew at : 

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